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Best Wishes in the year of the Red Encounter!
7 January 2003

ESA wishes you every success in this momentous year! 2003 will be the year in which the Mars Express spacecraft will make its way to Mars, and the Red Encounter between the Ferrari red paint and the Red Planet will take place!

Mars Express, ESA's first mission to the Red Planet, will arrive at its destination
at the end of this year. The orbiter will investigate the Martian surface and atmosphere, using radar to look beneath the surface for underground lakes and ice frozen in the planet's crust. Beagle 2, a lander designed and built in the United Kingdom, carries an on-board laboratory that will analyse the chemistry of the Martian surface and atmosphere and may help to reveal the chemical signatures of life.

A tiny glass globe, known as FRED has been placed on-board Mars Express. FRED houses a precious cargo, the Ferrari red paint, which will make a spectacular journey through space, travelling at speeds of up to 10 800 kilometres per hour, to reach its destination.
2003 promises to be a significant year for ESA and Ferrari. We hope it is for you, too.




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